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It has been 10 years since we started our journey in education.

All these years, we have crossed path with thousands of students, trying to understand how they think, what their motivations are, how much they could go for their passions, and of course what makes them stubborn. 

Words really can't express how proud we are, seeing bunch of our students winning scholarships (whether its secondary schools, NUS/NTU/SMU, and some as far as Japan), performing straight A's in either Singapore O, A Level Examinations, IGCSE, and IB  (if you are reading this, you know who you all are).

But then, words also can't perfectly paint how proud we are, seeing those students who used to be average in academics, ends up a marvel in their respective industry. 

We tutors are always asked, whats your greatest achievement? You must be very happy seeing your students score "A" in exam?

To us, the above might be secondary, as we are flipping through our Instagram Stories, we realize that what we think our greatest achievement all these time is watching our students grow up passionately doing what they love, knowing we have done our part in giving fruitful words. Once in a while, catching up with all those grown ups, saying hello, sharing their stories and laughters, becoming friends, is one big bonus for us!


Before it gets "cringier", here are our profiles:

Both John & David have been classmates since literally they know how to walk (kindergarten).

Each of them specializing in their own arena. 

John Priyadi graduated from NTU in 2007 as a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with a 1st Class Honors under scholarship program. Being exposed in Engineering, John is responsible for the Mathematics and Physics departments.

David Je is a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honors), graduated top of his class in 2007 from UNSW Australia . As his title shows, David is responsible for the Chemistry & Biology departments (only available in our Indonesia branch currently). 


John Priyadi - Head of Mathematics & Physics department

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