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Signing up for tuition with John was an inflection point in my student life.


He was one of the main reasons why I was able to excel in maths and physics during my time in JC, despite having dismal grades in secondary school.

He is a reliable, competent and experienced tutor that is able to seamlessly explain concepts and patiently take you through the entire thought process. He has often gone out of his way to help me; many times, he would promptly answer burning questions that I texted him in the middle of the night.


For prospective tutees, I was able to get the most out of sessions with him by studying and doing homework beforehand, in the process identifying difficult questions and gaps in my understanding.

I then raise them up during the session for him to patiently explain to me. As such, he will be an important source of personalized academic support that tutors at school are often unable to provide.


Beyond academics, he was a trustworthy friend that I had no qualms confiding in.

Years after I graduated, we still meet up for coffee occasionally. Last year, I even had the honour of being invited to attend his wedding.


Furthermore, because he is an avid reader of topics like entrepreneurship and finance, we would occasionally delve into fascinating discussions that I still remember to this day.


As someone who was once in your shoes, I urge you to go for a trial session with John. The journey ahead will be tough, but with a great mentor like John to guide you, I guarantee you that you will achieve your full potential.

Wattanapon Tunsaringkran (Leo), Raffles Institution 



Mr John is by far, the most entertaining, engaging, and eager tutor i have ever had. He never fails to make every lesson motivating and meaningful, such that going to class is a pleasure! In class, he would occasionally crack jokes to liven up the atmosphere and would also provide students with enriching tips and advices on almost everything, academics and beyond, based off from his own life experience.

The A's i receive today are thanks to his unique and scintillating way of teaching, that allows me to fully understand and not simply memorize what's in the textbook. Mr John is able to explain the hardest concept in the syllabus in the easiest, most understandable way possible. Believe it or not, this has made my weakest subjects one of my strongest! With a greater comprehension of the subject, it has also allowed me to find interest in what i used to dislike, which is pretty amazing.

I am honestly awed by his ability and adamant personality to help me improve in something that i believe has no hope improving in. He ensures that i leave his doorstep learning something new, and i am more than grateful for his determination in doing so. Also, when i have any uncertainties that frustrate me outside class hours, Mr John is my go-to via text. He is very approachable and patient, and would willingly take some time off to clarify all of my doubts. 

To me, Mr John is more than just a teacher and enrolling into his classes is probably the best decision i made in my entire academic career. Although i didn't start the school year well, i certainly did finish it on a good note because of his guidance. So thank you Mr John, for always supporting and believing in me. Trust me, under the care of Mr John, you are sure to perform your best and he is certainly a teacher that any student would die for.


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Throughout my IB and IGCSE period, I have been attending tuition with Mr. John Priyadi. 

It has been extremely useful to me as Mr. John often helped me clear up doubts or sometimes misunderstanding of concepts in mathematics and physics. 

Another thing that I found extremely useful in this tuition is that Mr.John often teaches me a better way to do a question compared to the one shown in the answer sheet for example.

Moreover, Mr. John is always very easily reachable, sometimes I would ask him questions outside of tuition hours via WhatsApp and he would happily answer my question.  

Other than his deep knowledge and understanding of the subjects that he teaches, Mr. John has a good teaching method.

He is very patient when teaching and is fun to learn with.

He always makes jokes that will lighten up the studying environment, which I feel is crucial to help motivate students to study. 


Overall, I believe attending this tuition has helped me achieve a very satisfying results for my IGCSE and IB mathematics and physics, obtaining A* and 7 in both subjects respectively.

VIERI HARNEY, Anglo Chinese School (Int)


My experience as a student with John was very memorable.

He was very friendly, warm and kind towards the students.

Mr. John has helped me so much in physics and mathematics during my IB period. I

could see a distinct improvement in my grades.


He put in all of his effort to teach the students and he definitely was very patient and helpful.


I would recommend the students out there to join his newly setup tuition center if they want to improve or excel their grades. Choosing TUTOR NEXT DOOR will absolutely be one of the best decision you have ever made.


I have been attending Mr John’s lessons since I was in Secondary 3.

His teachings methods have greatly helped me understand the concepts and improve a lot.


Whenever I had any doubts or was unsure of a concept or have, he would patiently explain it.

His skilful way of explaining makes even difficult questions easy to understand.

I used to dread learning sciences but because of his engaging and interesting lessons, Physics is now one of my strongest and favourite subjects.


With his help, I achieved an A2 for my O levels.


In RJC, he would teach topics ahead of the school, allowing me to be more confident in applying the concepts in school.

His guidance has greatly helped me.


Thank you so much!!

Jorja jade, raffles institution (RI)

Dear Teacher John,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Thank you for your patient guidance in Math >< and despite my many careless mistakes, I'm grateful that you continue to keep clarifying my mistakes for me...because I think I understand Math much better now!

I hope to keep working hard for A's!! :)

Thank you again for your support. Please stay safe

Natsumi Tan, Victoria Junior college (VJC)

Mr John had tutored me throughout my two years in junior college in both H2 Mathematics and H2 Physics. He helped me work on my foundations by providing detailed explanations and going through concepts in-depth. He also provides useful tips on how to tackle questions.


His classes really gave me confidence and it had built my passion for these two subjects.

Andrea, nanyang junior college (NYJC)

I used to struggle with my IGCSE Maths and Additional Math tests and homework.

After studying and asking questions with Mr.John, I have improved not just the tests grade, now I can do my Maths homework by myself as the he taught me thoroughly.


FYI, I got perfect score for my IGCSE :)


Happy Teacher's Day Mr John

Thank you for your patient when teaching us new math concepts despite us being so confused & frustrated many times! I really appreaciate you helping us break down the many complicated questions especially when I want to give up. Haha. I hope that you'll continue to remain happy & healthy

Jillian Ong, Victoria Junior college (VJC)

and the list goes on....

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