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We do not believe in the philosophy of classroom learning style in a tuition center, where students do not have chance to:

  • clear their doubts and check out what they don't know

  • get tested on the frequently asked exam questions that they have even know that they don't know yet


Let's do a simple math here, when a 120 minutes lesson time is divided into 10 students, each student will only have 12 minutes of attention given.

While a private 1-1 tutor provides the luxury of the attention time and convenience, and they may perform very well (in terms of delivery and materials), the growing concern in engaging a private tutor is that getting a good private tutor is still like throwing a dice as:

  • they may not be a full time tutor who knows the materials and syllabus well enough

  • they may be a university student who constantly has to change session timing due to exams and CCA activities

Adopting a max of 2 students size allow us to adopt the best of both systems, as students have different pace, techniques, and challenges faced.

We want our students to get all the attention they deserve, with the support of a solid system




Doing Small Class Size, we are able to analyze strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles of each of our students into such details, that we can determine the best approach for each and every one of them.


Another level of details that we emphasize is on our personalized learning session for each student.

  1. Concept Session, we summarize the essence of each chapter and convey them in the simplest version. During the process, to ensure the level of understanding of each student, interactive Q & A will be conducted. (another perks of our small class size)

  2. Engagement Session, one of the main reasons most students failed the exams is due to the lack of engagement. Therefore our elite army of tutors aim to push and increase the level of engagement in exam-type questions It then leads to the most important role of our tutors:

  • identify, fix, and explain in details the mistakes made in each and every steps in every question until the students is 100% sure what is going wrong, and never to repeat the same mistakes again

  • have interactive Q & A between tutors and each student to check and ensure all grounds are covered

  • provide exam tips and variations of questions

you will be surprised by The amount of reciprocates Q&A between tutors & students that can happen.

We want you to be special!


(tutor as a friend)


We take quality of tutors very seriously.

Academically, our tutors profile looks like:

  • 11 years tutoring experience, or

  • 1st Class Honors, or

  • phd level (scholarships), or

  • ri graduate (with straight A)


However, apart from having good academic achievements, we emphasize and train our tutors on using the best way of approach for every student, as neither every students share the same method nor the same interest.

So that students will be able to obtain GRIT.

  • growth mindset,

  • courage to rise again from failure,

  • being better than yesterday


We want to see them motivated, rise again if fail, and always have that commitment and joy in doing what they love.

We want out tutors to be able to say:

"DUDE, lets be better than who you are yesterday!"



  • ONLY 2 Students/Class

  • We WORK TOGETHER to improve their grades

  • We ANSWER all the doubts they have

  • We SUMMARIZE & SIMPLIFY our explanation of each chapters

  • We GO THROUGH all the MISTAKES they made in EACH and EVERY steps in the questions

  • We SPOT, FIX, and EXPLAIN what they think they know but they still don’t know

  • We ANALYZE their strengths, weaknesses and character and adapt to the best approach to “reach” them

  • We SCOLD them; PRAISE them; and HAVE FUN with them.

#well, that what they tell us!


(co-study space)

Like we said previously, there has been a significant shift in learning method of the millennials.

Students feel more convenient and motivated when they study outside, and they are now invading public places like Starbucks, Library, McDonalds, and even as far as Changi Airport to study

We feel you bro!

That is why we are committed to transform 50% of our space into a comfortable ambience for study.

Anything for you bro!

Our students are free to access our learning facilities anytime during our opening hours, just be tolerant to keep the noise down, and help us out a bit by keeping the place clean :)

#COFFEE IS ON US (wink-wink)

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